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Hi! I'm Josh :)
I'm 17, Gay, and loving life!
I have a fantastic circle of friends, and an amazing and loving boyfriend. I love you Darcy <3 <3 <3 2 years!!! :D
This is my amazing blog!!! ;) It is filled with guys and cute/sexy gay stuff :P
I hope you guys like it!!!
Follow me :)

Here is a link to my other blog:
This one will have everything else I like, that doesn't quite fit into this blog's theme. :P

And here is a link to my beautiful boyfriend's recent blog:

My 17th (Top) and 18th (Bottom) b’day parties.
I’m in the blue on the far right in my 17th pic, and the middle in Pink in my 18th.

In both pics there are people missing as it was actually mostly the same at both parties, but only these people came over for the group photo :P

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